Student Services

We take personal interest in making your child our primary partner

To pursue the goals intended by Teach Speech Inc., in a manner that is congruent, relevant, innovative and precocious, our Curriculum and Design Team has taken the meticulous steps to research and devise a learning system model that sets the barometer on success. The assumption here is that at any given moment in any setting, a student may be called upon to perform. It is our expectation, that in that instance of being summonsed, your child, given the right intervention, will exemplify nothing less than his or her exceptional best. In order to accomplish this vision, we at Teach Speech Inc. have commissioned a scholarly team of certified therapists, whose sole pedagogical, purpose is to evaluate, treat and immerse your child, along a guided continuum of deep, student-centered learning.

We at Teach Speech Inc. believe that the purpose of an education is to develop the personality of an individual as a whole, not merely his or her intellect. Most scholars would agree that learning is not just about acquisition of knowledge, but rather an innately trained ability to apply that knowledge. Central to this concept is an inclusionary framework that fosters not only the desirables of observation, reflection and communicative intent, but as well as an environment which seeks to instill a sense of self-actualized resilience, confidence and assured growth.