Diagnostics and testing in the clinic concept design.

The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory is entering a new interdisciplinary era. Advances in neuro-medicine have identified regions of brain tissue that are critical for certain types of function. While electrophysiological techniques and interdisciplinary studies suggest that the mechanisms of memory formation may resemble those of neural development. It is clear that the future progression of gene pattern reformation depends on interdisciplinary programming. Though, the current research is large, until now, there has been no single provider devoted to the retraining of neuroplasticity along the entire experiential continuum, and no dominant provider that demands requisite attention be paid to each interdisciplinary area. Until now.

When you belong to the Teach Speech community, you will find yourself immersed in a world of experiential learning with renowned international experts, who share your envisaged passion for personal growth.

To this effect, our Neuro training modules cover the gamut of life’s synaptic experiences, including but not limited to, memory and learning, conceptual processes, psycholinguistics, problem solving, thinking, communication, decision making and the skilled performances of information processing, mathematics, visual spatial scanning, sustained attention, pragmatics and executive functioning.

Designedly we, at Teach Speech Inc., have embedded pedagogical instruction into the core mechanics of each Neuro exercise.The first set of six Modules has been purposefully selected to target the aforementioned skills with the intention of digitally guiding trainees, along a three phase continuum of cognitive progression and functional integrative performance.

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