Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Submit a Client Registration form and/or email

What insurance plans do you accept?

While Teach Speech Inc. is out of network with most carriers, as a convenience to you, we do accept the following major medical insurance plans: Aetna, Amerigroup, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Carefirst, Cigna, Medical Assistance, Optimum Choice and United Healthcare.
Should your insurance plan remain unlisted, you may choose to consider out of network benefits, in order to secure repayment. As part of treatment, you will be given access to receipts, which contain the data typically required for reimbursement.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Depending on the carrier, a referral may be required. In instances such as these, Teach Speech Inc.’s medical billing department will be happy to assist.

What type of paperwork is required?

In augmentation to the data retrieved during the onboarding process, clients will be asked to submit copies of insurance cards when applicable, a photo ID, school records when applicable, and pertinent medical documentation, including but not limited to copies of all prior testing.

What is an evaluation and how long does it typically last?

Although the length of therapy is quite variable, the goal of an intake evaluation is to collect data in as efficient way as possible. Evaluations typically last approximately one hour. During that time, the therapist will administer standardized and non-standardized testing, in order to ascertain needs and make the most appropriate recommendations for plan of care.
Thereafter, a report will be written and provided with a preliminary diagnosis assigned. In accordance with findings, the frequency and duration of treatment will be synchronously determined on an individualized basis. Notable is that any final decision, regarding the length of treatment, rests jointly with the client and Specialist. Some clients request two or three sessions per week spanning the course of six months, while others require therapy once a week for a shorter duration.
Similarly, clients may opt to receive booster sessions post-treatment, as a way to elicit long-term progress and maximize generalization.

Where and when are clients seen?

Clients are scheduled in virtual and non-virtual fora, across multiple multi-disciplinary settings, which can include clinics, schools, private rehabilitation facilities, personal dwellings, hospitals and community-based programs. To aide convenience, sessions are held Monday through Sunday with hours determined in collaboration with the assigned therapist. Sessions themselves are prescribed anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in length.

What will be required as part of treatment?

Research has demonstrated that clients, who partake in designing their own treatment, and likewise engage in between-session assignments, tend to make the most long-lasting development. As such, your therapist may issue in between-session assignments, in order to help enable the acquisition of skills and make permanent the changes you anticipatorily desire.
In some instances, clients will have additional providers, enacting various modalities of treatment. In these scenarios, we request that our clients grant permission to speak with these practitioners, so as to best coordinate the plan of care.

Is treatment kept confidential?

Teach Speech Inc. staff members adhere to the professional, legal and ethical guidelines in accordance with State and federal laws. This means that any and all content shared within the confines of your sessions remains undisclosed, when and if expressed written permission has yet to be granted. There are, however, a few exceptions to confidentiality. Should there be a possibility of harm to a client, injury to another person and/or a case of child or elder abuse, Teach Speech Inc. staff are mandated to report their concerns to the appropriate authorities.
We encourage you to become familiar with the privacy rights, HIPPA related-policies and User/Copyright law guidelines posted on our website.