About Us

Advanced Rehabilitative Medicine

For the past decade, the Curriculum and Design Team at Teach Speech Inc. has been looking at many questions related to therapy and the neurobiology of the brain. What is the proper balance between traditional content and experiential learning? How many tasks can individuals effectively work on at one time? How can educators and medical practitioners effectively manage their fora? What kind of evidenced-based treatment models work best? Answers to these questions and more are the central organizing principles of Teach Speech Inc.’s innovative programming.
We at Teach Speech Inc. believe that the purpose of wellness is developing the person as a whole. To meet this objective, Teach Speech Inc. has taken the meticulous and precocious steps to devise an interactive model, which applies the most advanced therapeutic findings in Rehabilitative Medicine, while accounting for the ontogeny and phylogeny sub-thresholds of modern cortical excitability and excitatory neuroplasticity.
Our vision is to create a therapeutic community, which ensures pedagogical access to all. As such, we invite you to join us, in tandem with Advisory experts from the finest institutions around the world.